About Us

About Us

Rendeur “人” means people. Grandeur means highly important or greatness. The chemistry of the 2 words combined defines Rendeur.

It signifies the importance of people that creates the fundamentals of innovation, inspiration, and collaboration.

Rendeur Private Limited uplifts businesses through advisory and implementation activities in brand transformation, marketing, digital transformation and internationalisation of businesses.

It has the omni-channel marketing capabilities in uplifting businesses through online activities such as digital marketing and content production, and also B2B and B2C events, conferences and expos in-house and externally to expedite our clients’ business growth through extensive marketing exposure.

It also upskills individuals through customised learning development programs and business coaching.

We immerse ourselves in the clients’ journey and provide a transformation roadmap for them to achieve their goals through problem identification, customised solutioning, to upskilling talent and business transformation.

Our brand ethos is to realise the vision of businesses by understanding their underlying needs and developing customised solutions to meet their business objectives.

Why Choose Us?

Training and Development

We provide customised training and development services to upskill employees and individuals in functional training and digital literacy. We also provide SkillsFuture accredited courses for the public.

Event Production and Execution

We develop B2B and B2C events to provide businesses a platform to increase brand awareness, engage with prospects, network with their buyers, increase leads & sales conversion, etc.

Advisory and Consultancy

Services include Branding and Marketing, Digital Transformation and Internalisation.


Branding & Marketing
We provide end-to-end online and offline marketing services from digital marketing solutions to event/seminar production and execution.

Digital Transformation
Our accredited consultants are able to address the digital gaps in businesses and advise on the transformation roadmap to help them be digital and future-ready.

We provide cross border opportunities for businesses through business matching in business mission trips and events.

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